I’m so often asked for my top trick for moving forward. Although there is no magic pill (everyone’s hot button is different), being broke is a MAJOR motivator. My go to recipe for always moving forward is a good one — breadcrumbs and bananas.

Today, I recalled a time when my honey and I had a spat over how much time I was spending on my business and away from the family. The morning after, I was feeling particularly vulnerable and teetering between a “screw-that” stance and a victim mentality, “no one understands what I do”.
I decided that I wanted my honey on my side and so I planned a special dinner of his favorite meatloaf and corn casserole (my corn casserole recipe is better than makeup sex). I felt empowered to continue moving forward and focus on the positive things he pointed out the night before rather than the ones that stung.

After dropping my daughter off at school, I went for my daily coffee run and stopped at the supermarket to pick up one last ingredient I needed to make his favorite meatloaf (dad’s recipe calls for 1 cup of breadcrumbs). While I was there I would also pick-up some bananas for my daughter to snack on over the weekend.

In my mind, I was thinking of all the things I wanted to do today to be productive and keep my thoughts away from last night’s spat. I zoomed around the market, basket in hand, of course picking up a little something for dessert. I get to the self-check out with breadcrumbs, bananas and tres leche cake….$9.45. I swiped my card and the bright red light above me starts flashing. I paused…had I won the Supermarket Sweaps?!?!

The automated voice comes on and says ever so politely, “your payment method has been declined.” My heart sank. My eyes immediately welled up with tears and out I walked as quickly as I could without my breadcrumbs or bananas.

Now, it could have been the universe telling me to go on a diet – but more likely it was the push I needed to keep charging forward.

As I sat in my car in the parking lot, I wept. $9.45. I didn’t have $9.45. I can still recall the man collecting the carts from the parking lot looking at me through the windshield.
When I caught him looking at me I wondered what he might be thinking, “this poor lady is down and out”. That picture rattled me more than not having the 9 bucks in my bank account. I had never considered myself down or out and I wasn’t now either.

You see although I had a momentary break-down it was those tears that were the primal instinct I needed to fuel my fire. I never wanted to be without breadcrumbs and bananas ever again. I never wanted a stranger to witness my tears of frustration and anger again. I never wanted to be without $9.45 ever again. So, I wiped my eyes, fixed my mascara in the mirror, took a deep breath and backed out of the parking space.

On the way home, I thought of all of the things my daughter had aside from her bananas. She had me to come home to, a loving and active mother, a safe home and teachers and friends she loved. That afternoon when she came home we made cupcakes together – she was never the wiser that her bananas never made it home.

So, yes, being broke sucked, big time. But there were endless reasons to be happy and to feel loved. And it was because those breadcrumbs and bananas didn’t make it home I charged forward with my purpose in life and have begun living a life I am passionate about.

Being broke is temporary IF you keep your eye on the goal, keep your faith and keep your intentions pure. Remember that your parents and grandparents probably gave you a spectacular childhood and upbringing with less than you have now. You are a product of hardworking people and your family depends on you to wipe your eyes and back out of that parking space with an undying desire to make it!

Tonight, in honor of every entrepreneur’s bank account that sits in the red – I am offering you a morsel of my meatloaf. If you can’t order out tonight because your bank account doesn’t allow for it – make something special and share it with the people that love you – it really is more important than $9.45.

With love and breadcrumbs,

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